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Aniseed Twist


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Aniseed Twist - Sweet Hero
Aniseed Twist - Sweet Hero


(Aniseed Flavour Boild Sweets)

Aniseed Twist are an old favourite that have been around for many years and many more to come.

Wikipedia Reference:

The aniseed twist is often mistaken for cough candy. An aniseed twist is a red or occasionally orange, aniseed-flavoured boiled sweet common in the United Kingdom. Cough Candy (also rendered Koff Candy) is a clove-flavoured boiled sweet. Confectioners who make aniseed twists include Bonds of London and Trebor. The relative piquancy of the sweet's aniseed flavour varies considerably among confectioners.

Although aniseed twists resemble throat lozenges, throat lozenges taste of spice, menthol, and eucalyptus oil.

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glucose citric acid

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