About us

Welcome to Pop In Candy and thanks for stopping by.

The thought of owning a sweet shop has always appealed to me. Some of my favourite memories were going to the local sweet shop after school and getting 10 pence worth of american cream soda and a lollypop, chocolates and sour sweets. Prices were good back then.

Our aim is to become THE go to place, for all things sweets, at a great price, along with superb customer service.

We have over 200 different sweets to choose from. From old fashioned sweets and retro sweets, such as Barley Sugar, Pear Drops, Wine Gums and Wham Bars,  to more contemporary sweets from the Haribo range, like Giant Strawbs & Rhubarb & Custard and of course our growing USA range which includes various flavours of Jelly Belly's Jelly Beans.

We sell most of our sweets in 4 different sizes, so you can get as much or as little as you like.

If we don't have what we want, get in touch and we will try to source it, so you can have it. We will always be updating our stock list, so check in with us regularly to keep updated.

We ship nationally and Internationally so don't worry, wherever you are we can get your sweets to your door.

We also hire out our sweet carts for weddings, childrens parties or any other function in the York area. Please email or call us for details:

Email: popincandysales@gmail.com

Telephone: 01904 593759

The best feedback we can get from you is a recommendation, so if you love us please share and help make our dreams come true.

Thanks for finding out more about us. We look forward to supplying with whatever your sweet need is. I'm now going to enjoy some American Cream Soda and a Joseph Dobson Blackcurrant Lolly.